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How an Instagram Post Landed Their Airbnb in Vogue — Meet the Creators of The Kingdom A-Frame

Meet Alexis and Skeeter — the creators of The Kingdom A-Frame, a quintessential New England escape in Burke, Vermont. 

Alexis and Skeeter love mountain biking and have traveled to Northeastern Vermont to traverse the Kingdom Trails for years!  These trails are known as the crown jewel of East Coast mountain biking.

Alexis and Skeeter have three dogs and struggled to find an Airbnb that both allowed dogs and offered an inspirational aesthetic. 

After doing some back-of-the-napkin math, the couple realized that, given the frequency of their travels to Burke, they might actually be better off buying a place then continuing to book stays on Airbnb. 

Tune in to hear the fun story of:

  • How Alexis and Skeeter found and refurbished The Kingdom A-Frame
  • How an instagram post landed their A-Frame in Vogue
  • How they’ve balanced increasing their nightly rate (as their insta-fame has grown) with their original mission of creating a beautiful, accessible, and unique escape for all

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