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How a Breast Cancer Diagnosis Inspired Her to Build a Collection of Airbnb Cabins in Colorado

Meet Jamie Kraus, the creator of Chestnut Hill — a beautiful appointed home located 5 minutes from Main Street in Breckenridge, Colorado. 

Jamie and her husband have three young adult sons and live in the great state of Texas.  Growing up, Jamie would vacation in the Colorado mountains with her family and dreamed of one day owning a home in Breckenridge.

A few years ago, Jamie was diagnosed with breast cancer. After an arduous battle, she was, thankfully, able to survive the disease. 

This life-altering event reminded Jamie that life is short — and that waiting to find her dream vacation until the timing just “felt right” was silly.  Afterall, would it ever really feel right?

Tune in to hear the story behind how Jamie found her dream vacation home and, unexpectedly, a love for hospitality that inspired her to build an entire collection of escapes in one of the world’s most popular ski towns.

In this episode, Zach and Jamie discuss:

  • How to go from 0 – 4 properties in under 2 years
  • How to prioritize guest experience as a point of differentiation 
  • When building a short-term-rental in an incredibly crowded market IS a good decision

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