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Hotel Strategy, Performance Hacking and Growing Your Business: Michael Harper & Andreas Palmqvist, Hotel Strategy Co.

The founders of Hotel Strategy Co, Michael Harper and Andreas Palmqvist, wrote a great article about Hotel Performance Hacking in the Downturn and they join the show to talk about their process for developing a predictable hotel growth system that makes sense of the fragmented, competitive and technology dominated industry we operate in.

They share great examples of performance hacking your hotel and the mindset required to successfully lead your business through the current downturn. It’s a fantastic episode that will set you and your team up to take advantage of the upswing that will eventually come our way.

Hotel Strategy Co is a hotel performance consulting company that has developed a unique and simple to follow system for achieving growth.

Some of the points we discuss include:

  • eHotelier article on “Performance Hacking” and how are hotels coping with the market (3:42)
  • Examples of basics, principles and actions that hotels need to get back to (6:10)
  • Hotel recovery, the business landscape in Australia, looking ahead to travel patterns and consumer confidence (10:07)
  • How Michael and Andreas are helping hotel clients find clarity for rest of 2020 and in to Q1-2021 (14:15)
  • Leaning in to budgets, forecasting and market share (15:48)
  • Determining what is a profitable guest (17:50)
  • Critical resources are in short supply that need to be addressed (18:50)
  • How Michael and Andreas see hotel businesses changing as we move through the next few years (22:12)
  • Where you should put your attention to get going in the right direction (24:45)

About Michael

Co-founder, Dynamic Educator and Hotel Super Coach, Michael has a strong background in sales, marketing and business development and now specialises in corporate sales development as well as online marketing and messaging for Hotels.

Michael prides himself on fresh ideas, practical thinking, maximising technology and focusing on real results that afford his clients the business growth they are after.

About Andreas

Co-founder, Number Cruncher and Yield Wizard, Andreas possesses over 20 years’ experience in the hotel industry, specialising in Revenue and Distribution Management. Andreas has worked with numerous hotel chains including Southern Pacific Hotels Corporation, Stamford, Outrigger and Events Hospitality and Entertainment.

He offers strategic expertise, and the technical knowledge of systems vital to successful Revenue and Distribution Management.