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Hospitality and The Infinite Game #008: On Diversity and Inclusion with Lorraine Copes, Founder of Be Inclusive Hospitality

Throughout this series, we’ve explored the impactful ways of running a hospitality business, but the ultimate key to any business is to truly embody a diverse organisation. We are on a huge journey of learning when it comes to diversity and inclusion, and there are some clear blindspots as white men, so we needed to bring on Diversity and Inclusion expert Lorraine Copes as our guest. 

Lorraine is the founder of Be Inclusive Hospitality – a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to advance racial equity in Hospitality, Food & Drink. In this conversation, we explore how to create inclusive environments, passive racism, working with experts in the field of diversity and inclusion, and using data to review what needs to be done. It’s time to understand your biases, and learn how to challenge them, so we can create a space where everyone belongs.

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