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Hospitality and The Infinite Game #006: Purpose and Profit

Purpose and profit. Those two simple words are really not that simple in daily practice, but both are symbiotic for any business. In this episode we explore how companies can operate on a clear alignment of the two, and how we best define these terms.

From Apple to Patagonia, being purpose-driven wins on the long-term. So what does it take for your purpose to be actionable, and not get swept away by lofty or delusional goals? Tune in to episode 6 as we discuss bringing people together, the distribution of wealth, knowing your why and tweaking a company’s direction.

It’s clear there’s still so much more to discover. We’re on a mission to unpack how the hospitality industry can operate on a better model. Join in on our continued conversation by connecting with us through the links below. 

Resources mentioned:

#002: Doughnut Economics:

‘The Infinite Game’ by Simon Sinek:

‘Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow’ by Yuval Noah Harari: 

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We have been recording this from a brand new podcast suite at Plus X Innovation Hub on Lewes Road in Brighton. This place is an awesome seven storey Innovation Hub for creative and innovative entrepreneurs. It’s got media suites for creating content like podcasts, it’s got maker workshops for prototyping including a 3D printing farm, plus it’s got plenty of co-working and office space. They’ve also just launched an Innovation support programme for businesses called BRITE which you can check out at

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