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Hospitality and The Infinite Game #003: Circular Economy

The circular economy is about eliminating waste and having a continual use of resources. In today’s episode we explore how this powerful system for sustainability can be applied to the hospitality industry. From food waste to kitchen design, it bleeds into all areas that can be achieved through collaboration.

Tune in as we explore how David is applying the principles of the circular economy to his hospitality design work. We also discuss where the big opportunities lie, the renting economy, what we can learn from brands like IKEA, and kitchens with no bins.

Resources mentioned:

#002: Doughnut Economics

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We have been recording this from a brand new podcast suite at Plus X Innovation Hub on Lewes Road in Brighton. This place is an awesome seven storey Innovation Hub for creative and innovative entrepreneurs. It’s got media suites for creating content like podcasts, it’s got maker workshops for prototyping including a 3D printing farm, plus it’s got plenty of co-working and office space. They’ve also just launched an Innovation support programme for businesses called BRITE which you can check out at

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