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Home Owners, Employees, and Guests – In That Order with Matt Durrette

Today we talk with our good friend Matt Durette the CEO of Cozi Real Estate Group. Like most, Matt stumbled into vacation rentals in a unique way too.

It’s a great story that starts with a trip with friends. They decided to rent a camping spot from Airbnb for South by Southwest. This trip made him realize how much the property owner was bringing in on the platform by making his property available for others to enjoy. There’s more to this story that will give you a good laugh s well.

From Baltimore to Texas Hill Country, Cozi Real Estate Group is making a name for itself and it all started to really click by focusing on focus on Top Down Operations.

Matt prides himself on Cozi’s company culture and has found success with by focusing on Homeowners, Employees, and Guests, in that order.

You don’t want to miss this episode!

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