Health Verification and the Return of the Hotel Industry: Hermann Elger, Sharecare

Hermann is an industry veteran bringing over 25 years with companies like Baccarat Hotels and Resorts, St. Regis, Montage and Ritz-Carlton. He’s now executive vice president of travel, entertainment, and health security at Sharecare, a digital health services company, and has been helping hotels come back from the pandemic.

Sharecare Health Security Verification is one of the tools that has emerged as a way for hotels to demonstrate to their guests that health and safety protocols surrounding COVID are not only in place, but continually re-verified to ensure booking confidence and peace of mind.

Whether it’s Health and hygiene protocols, Cleaning products and procedures, Masks and PPE usage, Ventilation, Management accountability or Health safety communication with guests and employees, I believe this is a space that hotels should be seriously looking not only to instill confidence in travellers, but so that they can get back to talking about their own stories.

On this episode we discuss:

  • What does Sharecare do? (3:15)
  • How has Sharecare been helping hotels over the past year? (4:14)
  • Hotels need to get away from marketing their cleaning protocols and back to their “story” (9:17)
  • The process Sharecare went through to come up with cleanliness standards for hotels (13:00)
  • The onsite process for getting Sharecare verified (15:54)
  • Does getting verified drive more business to the hotel? (18:17)
  • Educating guests about the value of being Sharecare verified (20:41)

About Hermann

Hermann Elger is executive vice president of travel, entertainment, and health security at Sharecare, the leading digital health company that helps people – no matter where they are in their health journey – build a longer, better life by enabling health transformation at the individual, organizational and community level.

In this role, Elger is responsible for leveraging the company’s digital capabilities and health expertise to help employers and businesses across service industries ensure public health safety as part of overall consumer well-being. With channel partners such as Forbes Travel Guide, Elger oversees the delivery and global expansion of Sharecare’s Health Security VERIFIED™ solution, a platform and verification system designed to help hospitality organizations comply with proactive and reactive measures to minimize the risk and impact of acute public health events.


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