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Healing the Heart of Hospitality, with Kyle Allison and Greg Fregoso

It takes a lot of heart to work in the hospitality industry. Yet, this concept is not always embodied across all who work in it and as a result, something is bound to suffer; guest satisfaction, survey scores, even your employees. In this episode I am joined by co-founders and managing partners of HospitalityMD, Kyle Allison and Greg Fregoso. Kyle and Greg believe that whether you are working in the C-suite or the front office, “Hospitality is Everyone’s Business.” We explore their mission, what inspires, drives and rewards them, and how they use the power of storytelling to build empathetic communities and hospitable atmospheres.

About Kyle Allison: As a founding member of HospitalityMD, Kyle develops and leads the company’s operations through innovative initiatives. As a self-proclaimed “relationalist,” Kyle drives long-term results by establishing and maintaining relationships with thoughtful industry leaders. He recognizes the power of storytelling, listening to the stories of his guests and colleagues to create a personalized environment for his team to thrive.

Kyle’s hospitality story began when he was just six years old and transformed his home into a “hotel.” Even as a child he understood the power of good service, and offered housekeeping and in-room dining options for his parents to enjoy. Since then, he’s taken that can-do spirit and turned it into a career spanning nine hotels in four states, working in hotels ranging from 209 to 1,190 rooms.

The idea that “Hospitality is Everyone’s Business” doesn’t stop at the revolving door. Kyle hosts the HospitalityMD podcast, where he interviews hospitable people from all over the world working all sorts of jobs. He is leading the revolution in hotel management, building a community of like minded people who believe the need for good hospitality is universal.

About Greg Fregoso: Greg is a founding member of HospitalityMD, and his role with the company is versatile. His wheelhouse includes consultation, training, task force ideation, and business and content strategy.

A true team architect, Greg has a long track record of building high-performing hospitality families. His experience as a team leader in both successful and struggling properties has led him to believe that a happy hospitality team makes for a happy guest experience.

Greg’s 13-year career includes management roles in full-time and task force capacities at six hotels ranging from 209 to 860 rooms in two states. Most recently he led the Rooms Division in a renowned Downtown Chicago boutique hotel, located at the busiest intersection in the city.

As a key voice in HospitalityMD’s mission, Greg is eager to revitalize the hotel industry with his team-building ingenuity.

HospitalityMD exists to reform how progressive hospitality is approached. With nearly 20 years of combined experience in hotel operations management, HospitalityMD leads with an insider’s eye to revolutionize the industry. HospitalityMD offers Hotel Management and Receivership services, Hospitality Consulting, and Hotel Task Force. Filled with anecdotes from the front desk and beyond, the HospitalityMD podcast started as a hobby for co-founders Kyle and Greg. It has since evolved into an engaging space to discuss the driving forces behind the industry’s most hospitable people.