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He Dreamed of Being a Pilot, But Was Destined to be an Entrepreneur — Meet Marcus Rader, Founder of Hostaway

Meet Marcus Rader — Founder and CEO of Hostaway

Marcus grew up in Finland.  He was quite a curious kid, but struggled to develop any lasting hobbies as he was easily distracted.

After flying for the first time as a six year old, Marcus’ dream was to become a pilot.  Something about being at 30,000 feet was inspirational and invigorating. 

Sadly, Marcus was diagnosed with epilepsy just a few years later. And while he didn’t understand much about the disease as a kid, his soul was crushed when he learned he’d never be able to be a pilot.

Tune in to hear the inspirational story of how Marcus turned this moment of despair into the pursuit of greatness and how he ultimately built one of the most valuable all-in-one tools for vacation rental property managers on the market.

Alright, without further ado, get ready to meet Marcus. 

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