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He Built a Story in the Form of a House — Meet the Creator of The Nook, a Hyperlocal Airbnb in Asheville

Meet Mike Belleme — the creator of The Nook, an obsessively handcrafted Airbnb just outside Asheville, NC.

Growing up, Mike loved to skateboard — at one point he even thought he might go pro. 

But as he grew up, another craft he had dabbled in began to pique his interest even more.  

And that craft was photography. 

Mike’s incredible focus and unrelenting pursuit of perfection has landed him gigs with media companies like National Geographic, Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times.

And while his passion has been, and continues to be, storytelling through the medium of still images, Mike recognizes that photography has its limits when it comes to evoking emotion and changing perspectives. 

And it was this recognition, in part, that inspired him to build a story in the form of a house, which became The Nook.

Tune in to hear how Mike and his wife Kristen created a tiny home where Japanese aesthetic intersects with Anthropologie-esque accents and where everything from your coffee mug to the tile in the bathroom is handmade by a local artist. 

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