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Having A Work-Life Balance with John An

John is a short-term rental industry expert, with particular expertise in optimizing and customizing the technology stack, driving up revenue, and continually streamlining operations. Leveraging his experience in building, growing, and operating a successful short-term rental brand from the ground up, John constantly utilizes his own short-term rental business as a fertile testing ground to roll up his sleeves and dig in to experiment with new systems, technologies, and approaches.

John is an architect by training. With a Doctorate in Building Physics from Harvard University, John was previously was an expert consultant in the environmental sustainability industry. The short-term rental industry is John’s second career and he is passionate about and is dedicated to helping professionalize the industry.

In this episode of Slick Talk, we dive into his personal story of becoming an entrepreneur, his “why” behind it all, the challenges on regulations in Hawaii, and his new venture with AJL.


As always, a huge thank you to our Podcast Partners, Jurny for headlining the show and for Safely being a long-time committed partner with us as well!