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“Guest Experience Is Everything!” with Brian Hamaoui

An accomplished, forward-thinking, and customer-driven visionary, Brian leverage a strong business acumen with an entrepreneurial mindset to build companies from the ground up, providing the strategic vision for long-term growth and facilitating industry partnerships that drive market penetration, grow revenue, and deliver customer service excellence in diverse enterprises, including the Hospitality Services and Vacation Rental industries.

Able to see the big picture and transition vision into innovative, industry-changing solutions, he has been recognized for launching products that drive consumer demand and transform customer engagement. A known subject matter expert and consultant, he recommends policies and technology that assist vacation rental companies in developing programs and strategies that best fit the needs of his clients. Featured in Yahoo Finance, Wall Street Journal, and Travel Weekly, he was also a competitor at the Battleground Phocuswright Conference in 2016.

Leading with the understanding that the secret to a great product lies within the development team, he strives to recruit the best talent, fostering a business environment that encourages inspiration and creativity to reach the broader marketplace and exceed customer and organizational performance targets.

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In this episode, we explore: 

03:26 – Background of the Guest

09:28 – Having execution and having the right people around you

12:32 – Boots on the ground workflow

15:54 – Hiring In-house or outsource company?

19:18 – Having the right expectation

22:10 – Importance of investing in your staff

28:20 – Property management software

30:45 – Why communication is important

34:07 – Choosing what technology to invest

38:00 – How to know if the business is scalable

43:26 – Executing well can give you more revenue

46:02 – Guest Experience podcast

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