Growing A Franchise Vacation Rental Company

Michael Friedman: Director of Sales and Expansion SkyRun Vacation Rentals

Michael has over 30 years of hospitality, vacation rental, real estate, and travel and tourism experience. He has created, led, and implemented successful sales, sales training and development programs that increase revenue, market growth, and expansion. His programs have grown businesses by 40% to 1000%. He is a growth-oriented sales professional with leadership skills at both the franchise and sales level.

As a thought leader, Michael provides industry expertise in vacation rental outbound sales, network growth, sales funnels, and marketing plan development and execution. He is also the Co-Founder of Vacation Rental University (VRU), an online academy that educates, trains and supports the VR industry. VRU was founded to fill the massive void in education and training in a fragmented industry. Michael has a passion for developing others and has consulted with individuals as an executive coach and mentor.

Michael resides in Charleston, SC, where he enjoys playing golf, walking on the beach, and dining at many world class restaurants. He’s an avid college and professional football fan, and devoted father of two grown sons who reside in Madison, Wisconsin (his home state).

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In this episode, we explore:

02:39 – Michaels Background 

06:46 – Running the backend operations

10:54 – Understanding the market and its needs

13:54 – Skyrun common theme

19:34 – Learning management platform – VRU

22:47 – Capturing Guest Information

26:53 – Remarketing your past guest

29:20 – Tools used in communicating guest

32:37 – Leveraging your business

36:51 – Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management

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