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Going Full Ninja Mode with Margot Lee Schmorak

On today’s episode, we are live from VRMA in Las Vegas with Margot Lee Schmorak, the CEO and Co-founder of Hostfully.

Margot was looking for her next role when broke into the industry in 2015. She met her Co-founder David Jacoby at their children’s preschool and went to work on entrepreneurial ideas in vacation rentals.

As a leader, she prides herself on having an open and transparent culture at the company. Always be open to new ideas, ask for feedback, and see how everyone’s feeling daily.

The last few years have been very heavy on us all and Margot discusses why she believes it’s so important to take time to manage your own mental health. This is something she is an advocate for not only at home but at her company as well. She discusses what it’s like to go full ninja mode and have that work-life balance.

Listen to the end to hear about Hostfully’s new product launch and future plans.

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