Getting Back Into Guest Experience & Storytelling

Samantha Hardcastle, founder of The Storied Experience and Amore Social, brings a decade of marketing strategy & storytelling to hospitality properties and destinations worldwide. Her passion-driven mission is to transform the way we travel and infuse each moment with more meaning, purpose, and magic.

After a not-so-pleasant hotel stay a few years back, Samantha started her journey of exploring guest experience design with Cornell in 2018. Her creative marketing background, immense curiosity about other cultures, and empathetic understanding of today’s traveler serve her as she seeks to help hospitality hosts elevate their guest experience and stand out.

Samantha’s vision is to combine her unique perspective on storytelling with aesthetic & emotional intelligence, positive design & psychology, wellbeing, and human behavior to build out programming and spaces for properties that are enriching and personality-packed. Her online course, the Spark 5-Star Success Pathway, dives deep into her years of research and strategies. Use code to SLICKTALK get 20% off.

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In this episode, we explore:

02:10 – Background of the guest

06:13 – Creating Real Expectations with the guest

08:47 – Areas of Inspirations

11:42 – How Covid affects Marketing

15:59 – Relying on Positive Psychology and positive designs

21:14 – Guest’s Experiences

25:07 – Storytelling

30:25 – Importance of knowing your values and personality

Connecting with the Guest:






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