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Future Perspectives on Hospitality Technology | Richard Valtr

In this episode of Slick Talk, we invited Richard Valtr of Mews, a cloud-based property management software company, for another enlightening conversation. The discussion centers around several key points, including the evolution of Mews since our last conversation in July 2020, the immense potential of AI in the hospitality sector, and how a shift in perspective from viewing hospitality as merely ‘real estate’ to a provider of a 24-hour lifestyle experience can enhance operations and customer satisfaction. The podcast also covers the recent acquisitions by Mews and how they align with the company’s vision, notably the acquirement of Nomi Travel, an AI-focused app, and the launch of Mews Ventures. Richard also shares some thoughtful insights about the role of AI and data in personalizing and improving the hospitality experience and his vision for the industry’s future.

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00:00 Introduction and Welcome

00:14 Reflecting on Past Episodes and Guest Appearances

01:09 Overview of Mews and its Role in the Hospitality Industry

02:24 Journey of Mews through the Pandemic

02:36 The Growth and Expansion of Mews

03:28 The Importance of Being an Ideas Company

04:03 The Evolution of Mews and its Impact on the Hospitality Industry

04:59 The Role of Mews in Enhancing Guest Experience

07:39 The Shift to Mid-Market and Enterprise Segment

07:54 The Importance of Relevance in the Hospitality Industry

08:20 The Strategy of Building for Independence and Scaling to Enterprise

16:33 The Importance of Being Relevant and Useful in the Hospitality Industry

17:16 The Role of Mews in Enhancing the 24-Hour Guest Experience

21:40 The Strategy of Mews for Acquisitions and Partnerships

24:12 The Importance of a Single Platform and Open API in the Hospitality Industry

25:39 The Importance of a Vibrant Ecosystem in Hospitality

26:56 The Vision for Future Ventures and the Need for Innovation

27:52 The Role of Hospitality in a 365-Day Experience

28:33 Theological Thinking in Hospitality and the Need for Startups

30:10 The Future of Workspaces: Hotels as Mixed-Use Real Estate Spaces

37:30 The Potential of AI in Enhancing Hospitality Experiences

42:43 The Future of Hospitality: A Vision for the Next 20 Years

45:06 The Role of Data in Personalizing Hospitality Experiences


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