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From the Skies: Unveiling Hostshare | Sean & Landon Wilkinson

In this unique episode of Slick Talk, host Wil Slickers takes to the skies to interview Sean and Landon Wilkinson, Co-Founders of Hostshare. Recorded on a plane, this episode delves into the founders’ personal journeys, the birth of Hostshare, and its vision to revolutionize the short-term rental industry by enabling hosts to share unbooked nights with each other. The conversation covers the challenges and successes of launching the platform, insights into entrepreneurial life, and the importance of creating a community within the hospitality industry.

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00:00 Welcome to Slick Talk: The Hospitality Podcast

00:46 A Unique Episode: Recording in a Plane

01:22 Introducing HostShare: A New Way for Hosts to Travel

06:30 The Inspiration Behind HostShare

19:57 The Challenges and Rewards of Working with Family in Business

23:26 Vision and Future Plans for HostShare

26:32 Closing Thoughts and Invitation to Join HostShare

28:11 Farewell and Thanks for Listening


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