From A Property To A Podcast with Sarah & Annette from Thanks For Visiting Podcast

Thanks for Visiting has always been about short-term rentals. Annette and Sarah met at a Columbus, Ohio City Council Meeting fighting for their right to host homes on Airbnb. The two shared a belief that the short-term rental industry needs hosts to be more hospitable. Every resource they’d come across in growing their own businesses was purely profit driven – and “heads in beds” just isn’t their style.

We had to figure out a lot of stuff on our own and now we want to give you the behind-the-scenes look we tried to find when we started. Thanks for Visiting is like Hospitality Prep School for the Airbnb stager or host. You’ll find resources to help you host with heart and improve your processes and systems.

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In this episode, we explore:

03:04 – Background of the guests

12:08 – Power of Podcasting

17:55 – How to operate in a high standards

19:07 – Complete Transparency to everyone

23:54 – STR Regulations

27:48 – Finding good resources

30:50 – Balancing media side of the business and the vacation rental business

37:14 – Why we need to continue growing and build something

38:50 – Females are the biggest users in Airbnb platforms

41:03 – Enjoying the Process

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