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For All You Murder Show Junkies with Derailed Co-Founders

This is the one… the episode where we talk about our much-anticipated side project, DERAILED a fictional mystery podcast!

So how do you go about making a fictional podcast geared toward the true crime/murder mystery genre while bringing attention to the vacation rental industry? Carefully and methodically.

An idea is only as good as the people behind it and we have the absolute best!

This is a no BS production where we co-founded this project with the one and only Neely Khan who is taking the helm with the writing and direction. We also have the very talented Michael Chemaly heading up audio production.

Just when you think you’ve figured the story out, DERAILED will throw you off track and draw you in even deeper, into its twisty turny world. With complex characters, massive cliffhangers, and themes that are relative to real life, our creative team has created a story that will take the vacation rental industry by storm.


From epic stereophonic sound production, to unapologetic voice acting, and the bravest kind of storytelling – we’ve pushed creative boundaries with DERAILED, to give you a listening experience like no other.


Our story hits home on core themes. Although entirely fictional, we “represent the underrepresented”; and ensure that adult listeners (from the vacation rental industry or otherwise) have a plot they can all relate to.


DERAILED is the first podcast of its kind – and a revelation for the vacation rental industry. Our founders are known for their originality – and they’ve followed this through by continuously reinventing the rules.

The first episode drops this winter!

Our friends who make this all possible: Casiola, Arrived, Lynx, Xplorie, Mount, Seaside Vsacations & Sales, Boostly, Auntie Belham’s Cabin Rentals, Hopper, Dack, Hospitality.FM, Amplified Audio

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