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Finding Better Talent with Steve Trover

After thirty years of forming and growing many different businesses, Steve has now come to the conclusion that his successes and failures hinged on the same thing.

Identifying, hiring, and engaging people.

When they were with the right people in the right roles, fully engaged, they were extremely successful. When they were not, no strategic plan or amazing vision mattered. They simply could not execute to the level required.

It was a true honor to record this episode in person with Steve at the VRMA Conference back in October!

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In this episode, we explore: 

02:37 – Steves’ Background

06:08 – It’s all about the people

08:34 – Turnover of employees – finding the right person

10:37 – Behavior profile

14:35 – Experiencing labor shortage 

17:25 – How smart managers manage properties

20:57 – Finding better talents

23:49 – Finding talents on LinkedIn and Indeed

28:20 – Certain positions don’t need short term rental experience

35:53 – Tectonic Shift happened during Covid – working from home is better 

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