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Fighting For Your Business

In this episode, Theron Lewis shares his story of how he has liberated nearly 1 million people from Airbnb and STR bans. He went from almost losing his business in Detroit due to an STR ban to getting the ban pulled, being at the table with the City Council, and growing his business to the 7 figure level due to advocacy.

Theron will be sharing some ideas on how to stop/prevent a ban and how to grow your business massively from Advocacy.

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In this episode, we explore:

04:16 – Background of Theron Lewis

09:32 – First action to take when fighting for your business

16:25 – The “Suck” Phase

20:36 – Getting people to come together

27:58 – The Middle Phase

30:02 – Importance of starting a Facebook Ads

37:10 – 3 Things to avoid losing your business

47:02 – Mission in helping people protect their short term rentals

52:16 – Where can people give back in different ways

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