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Family Is Our Greatest Strength with Lauren Madewell

On today’s episode, we sit down with Lauren Madewell, Operations Manager (Daughter, Sister, All-Around Badass) at Auntie Belham’s Cabin Rentals.

Thirty years ago Lauren’s Aunt bought a cabin in the Smokey Mountains, named it Afternoon Delight, and started renting cabins. Fast-forward 28 years and Lauren is now managing one of the oldest STR companies in arguably the hottest vacation rental destination in America.

Over the last few years, so much outside money has been flooding into Sevier County, bringing both pros and cons. Auntie Belham’s, being one of the original vacation rental property management companies in that market, has managed to maintain its focus on being affordable for lower and middle-class families as well as preserving and teaching the history of the region.

Auntie Belham’s Cabin Rentals is family owned and operated. Their down-to-earth attitude with a focus on the guest experience is refreshing to all that visit. There’s a lot to be said about being to make quick decisions without having to run it up the “investor flagpole”.

Lauren talks about her experience working with her family and how outside-the-box innovation in our industry can attract more visitors.

You don’t want to miss this episode!

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