Episode #153 – Naren Young, Sweet Liberty

As an Australian kid growing up, Naren was one of the guiding lights of the early years of the cocktail scene in Australia. From editor of the tome that many of us learnt from, Australian Bartender Magazine to running the foundation venue, Bayswater Brasserie that spawned a myriad of careers and venues; to reopening and creating such brands as Dante in New York and now Sweet Liberty in Miami, Naren has been at the forefront and influenced the cocktail scene worldwide for decades. I really loved the insight to culture in the industry and the future of cocktail bars. 

Share a dram with the hospitality industry’s top global talents: bartenders, venue owners, distillers and industry aficionados. Shawn Soole has lived, breathed, and imbibed hospitality for decades. Now, he delves into the advice, opinions, and provocative stories that are helping to define the creative, culturally-necessary space of ‘modern hospitality’—covering topics from front-of-house service, to back-end business operations, and every inch between.

“Tales of the Cocktail” – Top 10 Best Broadcast or Podcast (2020).

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