Ep 97 – Building an STR Portfolio with Purpose with Money Club’s Aaron Velky

Aaron Velky is an entrepreneur, writer, high-performance coach, speaker, and author from Baltimore, Maryland. He’s the CEO of Money Club, a community of people interested in building wealth in a way that aligns with their values – offering courses and coaching producing passive income, creating financial freedom, and creating generational wealth. They also offer employee wellness programs to businesses and financial education programs to schools and youth groups. As a part of his own real estate journey, to model what his students will be able to accomplish, Aaron began his real estate journey in 2022.

His vision is to own 7 properties across the US – big enough to house his retreats, family getaways, and events, as well as invite your family and friends to host your own event, escape, or celebration. His first property opened in Bradenton Florida. He’s also the co-founder of Quitter’s Club, an organization that helps people quit the life they thought would make them happy for the life that will. They offer courses, masterminds, and events that help people discover, design, and execute a life without the things that no longer serve them. He’s coached several hundred athletes and released his first book called Let Her Play which guides parents and coaches through a growth framework. His work helps leaders create better communication, more psychological safety, and better performance of the team or player. And to balance it all out – he’s an athlete, artist, reader, adrenaline junky, and comic book nerd.





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