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Ep 50 – Building a STR Portfolio While Still Working a 9-5 with Mike Reilly


Mike Reilly is an STR Operator based in North Carolina. Over the past 14 months Mike has been able to build a portfolio of 6 rental units (4 STRs) which are netting him and his wife $12,000/month! Mike started his journey into short-term rentals with the goal of replacing his income so he could take back control of his time and spend it with those who matter most to him.


05:21  Mike’s Intro/Biography.

06:04  Mike’s journey with short-term rentals.

10:39  How many hours a week he’s spending running and looking for new units.

16:51  The coolest and challenging things when you become financially free.

20:11  How Mike got over the fear to take the leap on doing short-term rentals.

24:14  Mike’s bigger vision for his STR’s.

25:44  The best tip to push you to start your own short-term rentals.

26:39  Where to find these co-host deals.

28:39  How much Mike’s background in sales helped him in getting deals.

31:10  Mike’s mindset in taking on challenges.

32:44  Where can people get in touch with Mike Reilly.

34:07  Mike’s number 1 secret to success with short-term rentals.

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“Our goal is to get to 20k cash flow per month so that we have financial freedom.” – Mike Reilly

“It’s just trying to find that balance of how much time do I want to spend on my 9-5, and how much time do I want to spend with my family, and how much freedom do we have to travel and do the things that we really want to do.” – Mike Reilly

“Just take action. You’ll figure it out. If it feels stressful or it feels like it could draw out a lot of challenges, Just do it.” – Mike Reilly

“The number 1 key from getting from 0 to $12,000 to getting over that fear, the number 1 key is just, you got a great community around us, how do we figure this out?” – Mike Reilly