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Ep 40 – The 5 step formula to turning lookers into bookers with Mark Simpson Part 1


Mark Simpson – Owns a company called Boostly. He grew up in the UK. His parents owned a boutique/BNB type of property on a farm and when he got older he started looking at something on how to start marketing their business and get more people to come to their property. Over years and years of refining a website and different marketing campaigns, he’s really dialed in on this process and has still continued to evolve that over the last decade. Mark is the guy to learn about direct bookings. He’s got some amazing content on Youtube and on his website.


03:30  STR Secrets texting community! Text your questions at 9783216563

05:16  Mark’s 5 steps/secret sauce.

07:13  Looking at what big companies spend millions in research.

07:55  $50,000+ in commission to STR platforms.

10:23  The 5 step formula breakdown.

12:51  Step 1: Planning.

15:37  People can’t travel right now but they can plan right now.

17:09  Position yourself in where their eyes will be.

19:49  Utilizing Private (Incognito) mode on your browser for your STR business.

23:43  Short tail keywords.

25:42  Tips to get your property to appear on 80% of local searches.

30:15  Quick recap on the 1st step: Planning.

33:03  Step 2: Research.

36:03  Knowing the importance of pictures and being clever in some way shape or form.

40:22  The Research stage is key.

44:06  Step 1 & 2 quick recap.

44:28  Step 3: Decision.

45:19  3 things that they’re looking for on this stage/step.

45:37  1st: Pricing

47:18  2nd: The Policy.

51:47  3rd: Safety.

53:59  Utilizing technology from Airbnb inquiries only to instant bookings and so on.

57:30  What is a “Rich Snippet” on Google? And how to take advantage of it.

59:10  Why you need to join our Facebook group!


“You can’t just sit back. You’ve got to take one little thing that you can do right now and put it into practice because it does work.” – Mark Simpson

“January is normally the key booking month. It’s where the most bookings come in in the world of hospitality.” – Mark Simpson

“It’s cool to be able to know that what I talk about works elsewhere.” – Mark Simpson

“What can you be doing at this stage that will knock down all the barriers that will get you a booking that no one else is doing? When everybody’s zigging, how can you zag?” – Mark Simpson


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