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Ep 34 – Scaling a Rental Arbitrage Business With Systems & Teams with Brian Fontenot


Brian Fontenot – is a Real Estate Investor, Philanthropist, Public Speaker, World Traveler, and Short Term Rental Arbitrage Operator with 20+ units in the Houston area. 



03:59  Brian’s biography/introduction

05:10  How Brian started and what led him on this path.

06:24  What convinced Brian to quit his 9-5 job and start his STR business.

08:43  How Brian got into his 1st deal.

10:18  What Brian did to acquire his 1st rental property.

11:11  What Brian and his team are focused on for their STR business.

12:43  How Brian identifies what the vacancies look like when looking for a property.

15:09  What they use for their background and screening.

16:56  How they organize needy and greedy things like keys and stuff.

18:01  What other systems do they use besides AutoHost.

19:30  What Brian’s team looks like.

22:18  Brian’s journey to having a good-sized team for his business.

24:20  What Brian’s pricing team looks like.

25:41  What he does in his business now.

27:52  How he finds investors and what he offers to find potential investors.

30:06  Raises money and gets investors on for arbitrage.

32:27  How they pivot and learned on the heat of Covid. 

36:09  Providing value to the people we want to serve.

37:09  Are they pivoting to a week-long stay or just with shorter-term stays.

38:30  Looking at International properties.

39:39  Brian’s goals and vision for the business.

42:06  Where can people get in touch with Brian.

42:57  Brian’s #1 secret to success in short term rentals.


“Take the leap. There’s nothing holding you back.” – Brian Fontenot

“Just the ability to be able to work from anywhere. People don’t take it lightly but I think people now see the beauty of it and now people are more flexible about going to different places and where they stay and such.” – Brian Fontenot

“We just want to be positioned to be able to offer every possible option that people could look to so that we can be able to make the most with our costumers.” – Brian Fontenot

“As long as you anticipate the people’s needs that you serve, you will find success to highest degree.” – Brian Fontenot