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Ep 33 – How to find properties for short term rentals

In this solo episode Mike and E share their insights for locating and acquiring short term rental properties in 2021. Make sure to grab your copy of the 2021 Goal Achiever Action Guide:
04:59  Start shifting your identity to become a short-term rental investor.
07:52  How one conversation can get you multiple short-term rental properties.
09:39  Two things when rewriting your identity.
11:18  The best way you can find leads for your properties.
13:34  Become the person that you want to be.
15:18  Optimize your social media profiles.
16:03  Push yourself out of your comfort zone and follow through no matter what.
18:54  Tips and tying all of the lessons together.
22:04  Why you should definitely check out the ‘Clubhouse App’.
25:03  Why this Episode and Ep. 32 are important at the beginning of the year.
27:40  One of the best pieces of advice that Mike has ever had.

“I think every time people want to do new things, they think it’s complicated,
instead a lot of the times there’s low hanging fruit everywhere.” – Emanuele Pani

“When you position yourself as the expert in your space and you’re confident and you’ve
changed and your identity and you build your relationships with those service providers.
You can grow a portfolio very very quickly.” – Michael Sjogren

“Once you have a clear what, want and why it’s a lot easier for you to say no to the things
that you don’t want.” – Emanuele Pani

“Fix your focus on a primary goal and go an inch wide and a mile deep. Until you’ve mastered
it and delegated it to somebody else, then move on to the next thing.” – Michael Sjogren

“For me personally and especially, all of this is just us helping other people get to where
we are.” – Emanuele Pani

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – by Robert Kiosaki


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