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Ep 32 – 3 Crucial Steps to Hitting Your Goals in 2021


Mike Sjogren – Michael is a short-term rental expert and coach. He has a portfolio of STR properties across 5 states as well as an oceanfront boutique hotel. Michael brings a wealth of finance, business, and real estate experience. He is passionate about helping others create financial independence through real estate so they can pursue their passions and leave their mark on the world.

Emanuele Pani – Commercial and Residential Real Estate Consultant at Signature International Real Estate. Has a degree in accounting and finance. Started his real estate journey working as maintenance until the owner decided to sell the 40 unit apartment building to Emanuele Pani.


05:49  What we’ll talk about in this podcast episode.

06:53  Goal breakdowns

07:09  Goal setting breakdown #1: Defining what you want.

09:08  The first key thing.

13:39  Strategies that Mike and E did to accomplish their goals.

16:28  How E chunks down his goal.

19:01  Define what you want and define why you want it.

21:15  Acting on your goal.

25:24  Set up an accountability group.

27:51  A big disease to entrepreneurs and real estate investors in general.

29:03  The identity shift is everything.

30:50  1st structured advice.

33:54  Add things/goals to where you’re already good at.

36:37  Putting together a 2021 reading list.  

38:08  Be a million-dollar racehorse.

38:58  A big misconception with Gary Vee.

41:18  Resources that Mike and E recommend for you to hit the ground running in 2021.

           Link here:

42:33  Here’s why you should execute on your goals and not settling on anything less.

44:02  Meeting the person that you could have been analogy.

45:25  The perfect spot for you as 2021 starts.


“If you focus on the things that you don’t want, guess what you’re gonna get those things.

So start thinking about what you actually want.” – Michael Sjogren

“Money is a tool it gives you the option to do things that you want to do and give you

the time freedom to do the things that you want to do.” – Michael Sjogren

“If something consecutively and you cannot make yourself do it, maybe you got to sit down

and reset that goal.” – Emanuele Pani

“It’s easy to stay busy but it takes more discipline to stay focused.” – Michael Sjogren

“Commit to doing things that work for you every day and make sure that you enjoy them

because at the end of the day, the point of all this is to live a life worth living and a

life that you actually enjoy.” – Emanuele Pani


Atomic Habits – by James Clear


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