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Ep 30 – How to Raise Capital and Build a Portfolio of Short Term Rentals and Boutique Hotels with Clinton Ramsden and Cody Monroe


Clinton Ramsden and Cody Monroe are navy pilots and founders of Annaplos Capital Partners a short-term rental and boutique hotel investment company. Their portfolio is based in Jacksonville Beach, FL, and Annapolis, MD.  investment profile has grown steadily and healthily. They’ve gone from a 4 unit multifamily property so now running a portfolio of 38 units. You can check out their latest project 134 Prince Hotel


03:33  Clint and Cody’s biography

04:49  How Clint and Cody got into short term rentals.

06:36  Initially acquiring properties for traditional rentals.

07:19  Buying 4 plex as a 100% investment to increase passive income before Airbnb was a thing.

09:33  The kind of properties that they’re converting to as short term rentals.

10:31  The original intention when they acquired their properties.

11:21  Their properties long term rents versus what they’re getting now as a short term rental.

14:10  What Clint and Cody’s team look like.

16:06  What types of tools are they using for their short-term rental properties.

19:52  What triggered them to go into the boutique hotel game.

24:53  How they build trust with their investors.

26:00  What the structure of their company is.

29:45  How their company operates.

30:58  Are there other loans that military personnel has access to and can use.

34:54  What are Clint and Cody’s vision looks like for their company.

37:14  What they’ll be focusing on in 2021.

41:56  Clinton’s #1 secret to success with short term rentals?

44:44  Cody’s #1 secret to success with short term rentals?


“The element of real estate investment that we prioritized most was cash flow because the cash flow would then be able to fuel the growth for future real estate investment opportunities.” – Clinton Ramsden

“That first property we did earn about $32,000 a year in its long term status. And it’s

first year operating as a short term rental it earned $109,000.” – Cody Monroe

“We had more noise-related, police incidents on a property where a police officer would have to come to the property. That happened more frequently on our long term rentals than our short term rentals.” – Clinton Ramsden

“If you’re willing to go the team route / the group route, raise money from other people who know and like and trust you, that dozen becomes hundreds or maybe even thousands. So it just really goes to show the power of working together. Working as a team.” – Cody Monroe


Multifamily Millionaire – by Stephen Steadele


Their hotel: 134 Prince – Luxury Boutique Hotel,