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Ep 15 – STR Secrets – 0 – 23 STR Listings in 6 Months with Austin Linney


Austin Linney is a former service industry veteran of 20+ years, turned serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, mindset and business coach. He is the host of the weekly podcast, Construct Your Life With Austin Linney. When he’s not building businesses, growing his expansive network of who’s who in the leading industries, providing massive value each week with his podcast or helping his coaching clients achieve a breakthrough, he can be found training for and competing in Ironman Triathlons across the country. If you’re an entrepreneur, wanting to start a business, wanting to improve your mindset through coaching or you just want to have a heart to heart conversation of how to overcome the odds, Austin can help you get where you want to go.


03:32  Austin’s introduction

05:16  How he started on Airbnb.

08:39  Austin’s background in hospitality.

12:26  Something that needs to be made very clear.

15:40  I’m a HALO jumper.

16:26  The point where Austin took short term rentals to the next level.

18:32  Which model is Austin using to find properties?

21:47  What happens when you live in scarcity.

23:24  What were the challenges that Austin had to face in order to be successful.

26:44  The secret that nobody talks about.

30:47  What should have happened.

32:37  Not doing your habits, defaults you to your systems.

36:23  Set the tone from the moment they book.

39:37  I lied to myself.

42:53  Anybody can do this! Short term rental business

43:18  Austin’s “Greatest story in the world!”

49:31  What is Austin’s number 1 best secret for success in short term rentals?

50:54  Where can people find Austin Linney?


Make sure that you’re operating in the highest form of your business. – Austin Linney

Highlight your strengths and move on with your day and surround yourself with the

right amount of people to grow the business. – Austin Linney

When you live in scarcity, the universe closes every door available to you because

you’re telling yourself that you don’t matter and what you want doesn’t exist – Austin Linney

Sometimes you have to put your business through the stress test to see where the

boat is leaking. – Austin Linney

Understand that what you’re providing for them is memories for their family. It’s so

much bigger than 4 walls and a bed. – Austin Linney

By you working on your weaknesses, you’re only strengthening shitty weaknesses. – Casey Grey