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Enhancing Stays with Upsells with Annie Murno Sloan

Today we are joined on the podcast by visionary and dreamer Annee Murno Sloan, Co-Founder & CEO of The Host Co.

Annnie’s trip to hospitality and short-term rentals came via many interesting career stops which she says are all actually tied with roots in hospitality.

Companies that she has her fingerprints on include, Discovery Inc for HGTV, Twitter, Facebook (Meta), and Lucasfilm to name a few… we geeked out over the latter!

Annie and her partner saw a need to develop a way for hospitality brands to sell items to guests while putting a Point of Sale in their hands. Enter The Host Co. It’s the “easy button” for upsells.

There is so much to her story and the sky is the limit with the offerings. During the interview, we actually came up with a few good ideas that we think could be game-changers!

Really cool person, and an awesome product offering!

Make sure to check out this episode!

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