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Earning Guest Loyalty, with Robert Reitknecht

We all know that a superior experience is what drives customer loyalty. But what does that experience look like, and how is it implemented? Today I am joined in the Courtesy Block by customer loyalty expert Robert Reitknecht, who will walk us through some of the must-haves when designing your guest experience strategy. You may be surprised to learn that before you can start earning the loyalty of your customers, you must first earn the loyalty of somebody else.

About Robert Reitknecht: A veteran customer loyalty professional and guest experience expert for over two decades, Robert has provided service-focused insights to a number of Fortune 100/500 companies. He has worked primarily in the hospitality and guest relations verticals, crafting cultures of excellence by spearheading quality standard initiatives, process improvements and hands-on training and development programs. Learn more about Robert here.

This is The Courtesy Block, a chip off The Room Block podcast.