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Diagnosing Operational Issues with Koryn Okey

Today we sit with Koryn Okey, VP of Client Experience at Breezeway.

Koryn talks about her unique entrance into the industry where her friend passed over a job opportunity, told Koryn she should look into it, and she became the 8th employee hired at FlipKey. After six plus years and a brief hiatus from vacation rentals, a serendipitous trip to Wild Horse Pass marks her first official day as the first hired employee at Breezeway where she’s been an integral part of their growth ever since.

We discuss the important issues/decisions that all property managers come across in this space. Koryn talks about the importance of putting yourself in the users’ shoes in order to solve the problems that short-term rental operators face.

By taking their customer/users’ feedback to heart, Breezeway has created multiple products to help the customers’ operational experience… think of Breezway as a specialist in the world of property management operations, not a general practitioner

Super fun episode with one of the nicest and most knowledgable people you meet in our industry!

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