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Data Before Drama: The Real Story Behind Recessions and Short-Term Rentals

If we go into a recession, will it be as bad as prior ones? Will the hospitality industry take a hit? Should you be investing in real estate right now? Is the latest news from the Federal Reserve keeping you up at night? You’re not alone. In our first-ever episode of the STR Data Lab, Mariah Kamei and Jamie Lane discuss what past recessions can tell us about the current economic market.

This episode covers these burning questions from two perspectives–travel demand and housing prices. In previous recessions (2001 and 2008), the consumer was more likely to stray away from travel, but at the moment, this seems unlikely to happen. And luckily, the short-term rental industry offers a wide variety of accommodation types and price points to match the wallet size of many travelers.

Additionally, a shift in the housing market will create some opportunities. Over the past three years, we have watched housing prices increase by 42%. With the potential price decline, you may just be able to find a long-term investment in your price range. 

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