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Damian Sheridan: The Book Direct Show

The importance of booking direct is always going to be a favorite topic of mine and with many recent events, Damian & I finally sat down with one another (virtually of course) to talk about the Book Direct Movement and the amazing conference he has created for industry professionals to speak, share, and learn about how to gain and keep more direct bookings for their vacation rental, hotels, B&B, etc.

Not only will you hear more about Damian and his background but you will also notice that I will be a speaker during the upcoming Book Direct Show and I couldn’t be more thankful to do so! Damian and myself have been in contact with each other prior to all the COVID19 stuff happening in the world and met in person in London for the Shortyz Awards and I am glad we are finally getting this discussion to all of you Slick Talkers out there!

Click here to sign up for the Book Direct Show and you will get to take advantage of my SLICK10 code for 10% off of your ticket purchase! Just use SLICK10 at your time of checkout!

Episode links:

Book Direct Show Website – Use SLICK10 for 10% off!

Book Direct Facebook Community Group

Slick Talk Website

Slick Talkers Community Group

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