Curating Experiences One Pickle At A Time

Co-Founders of Neat Suites based out of the Cincinnati, OH area, Edward and Jeremiah co-founded the company in 2017 to address the growing need for management in the STR space. Neat Suites recently opened the Pickle Factory Boutique Hotel in Covington KY, which is a product we are really excited about sharing with our guests. Our friends at NoiseAware sponsor this episode! NoiseAware is the only 100% privacy-safe noise monitoring solution so get with NoiseAware so you don’t waste any time while you grow your professional and amazing business! Use SLICKTALK20 to get 20% off your noise devices with NoiseAware!

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In this episode, we explore: 

03:12 – Background of our Guests

15:51 – Desperation cause innovation – how Covid affects the business

24:25 – The ability to create a destination – The Pickle Factory

27:33 – Pickle Factory theme

28:52 – Highest performer booker

37:19 – How the property is designed

40:50 – Monitoring the inventory 

42:31 – Why guests are paying premium rates

44:00 – What’s next for Neat Suites?

50:34 – Connecting with the Guest info

Connecting with the Guest:




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