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Content Marketing ROI with Calvin Tilokee of RevPar Media

How can hotels use content creation as a way to build their brand and improve their guest experience?

To answer this question, I’m joined by Calvin Tilokee, CEO and Creative Director of Revpar Media. Revpar Media focuses on helping hospitality businesses take a strategic approach to their social media, create authentic engagement, and build an audience that will convert to guests. Calvin’s expertise comes from his personal success building large followings across memes, travel and self-development brands.

During this episode, Calvin and I talk all things content creation for the hospitality industry. He shares what led him to create Revpar Media, how he works with hotel properties, the biggest mistakes hotels make when it comes to content creation, creating a content strategy, determining ROI for social media, how social media has impacted the hotel industry, how travel is being redefined, and so much more.

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