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Common Sense Is Not Common Practice with Antonio Bortolotti

On today’s episode, John and Mateo sit down with Antonio Bortolotti, the founder of Vacation Rental Secrets and host of the Vacation Rental World Summit.

Antonio’s start in the industry is unlike any other we have spoken to. A commercial airline pilot for almost 4 years up until the tragic event of 9/11 where he then developed a fear of flying. Looking for an exit and where to go next he began purchasing short-term rentals.

In 3 years, he purchased and brought three dilapidated properties to profit. Antonio was self-taught in every aspect of vacation rentals and began building websites, consulting, and speaking at HomeAway events where he would share his insights with property managers.

Antonio has always found joy in helping others and providing value wherever he can so he created his own industry event. The first summit was virtual where he attracted 15,000 attendees in just 3 days spanning 49 countries. Ever since then he’s been sharing his secrets about the industry with property managers all over the world.

Such a positive man and an interview you do not want to miss!