Chicago Gray Hotel, Resilience, & Impact During COVID19

I love that the phrase “This is how we’ve always done things” is no longer a term that is being used and it’s now transformed to “We’ve never done this before but we can make it work one way or another.”

The Chicago Gray Hotel has been demonstrating this new phrase since the beginning of COVID19 on such a limited amount of staffing but just as much heart and passion to continue to serve their guests, team, and community. I sat down with Joel Contor, the Director of Sale & Marketing, and discussed whats been the biggest take aways from all of this and what they’ve done to keep their doors open. Day use rooms/whole floors of the hotel, hybrid meetings and out door spaces are all coming together to create a whole new experience!

I’ve “opened up my doors” to any audience members that want to have a chance to talk to me one on one! 2020 hasn’t been easy for us in hospitality but we have a solid community and I want to get to know you all! You can book a time to chat with me by clicking this link! If you just wanted to talk about this episode or anything under the sun, just book your time!

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