Building The Business You’ve Always Wanted with Brittany Blackman

Brittany Blackman is full of sunshine, Southern hospitality, and a crazy passion for the vacation rental industry. She’s been working in STR for over 10 years now and hasn’t found a day that’s boring yet. After her stint as Operations Manager for the majority of that time, she left in September 2020 (yes, during the worldwide pandemic), to fly freely and start her own gig. It’s been fun for her swerving around obstacles, climbing mountains, and building something from scratch. 

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In this episode, we explore: 

03:13 – Brittany’s story

06:51 – Biggest takeaway to build a company

10:34 – Setting up internal operations

14:40 – Company standards

18:11 – Shifting mindset – becoming an entrepreneur

22:47 – Drawing the Energy

28:15 – Scaling and Growing the operation

31:58 – Building the brand internally

37:32 – Managing the text messages

39:59 – Hardest and rewarding thing in the industry

44:10 – Where can we find the guest

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