Building a Business That Maintains a High Level of Quality

Maeva is the founder of Flying Cat Marketing, a content-led SEO agency for SaaS companies in hypergrowth. She’s helped VC-backed tech companies like Operto, Avantio, tye, and others scale their organic user acquisition with seamless content operations and world-class, revenue-generating content.

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In this episode, we explore:

03:31 – Maeva’s Background

11:24 – Letting go of control

15:35 – Optimizing your time and energy

21:10 – Financial Ambitious Goals

23:36 – Are you charging more or less?

25:19 – Point of view when it comes to technology

30:38 – Why Hoteliers keep everything tight

34:50 – Providing better value to the guests

37:17 – Scaling the services

40:12 – Using LinkedIn to Grow your Brand

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