Building A Brand From Top To Bottom with Alex Husner, Condo-World

Alex has led the strategic marketing and business development efforts for Condo-World since 2009. She manages a team that has grown the company from a local vacation rental business into a nationally recognized condo marketing and technology enterprise. Alex has a passion for developing strategies that drive sales overnight and brand over time, connecting all aspects of digital, social and traditional marketing to keep Condo-World at the forefront of their highly competitive market. 

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In this episode, we explore: 

04:23 – Alex and Condo-World Background 

08:36 – Key to Success 

13:16 – Importance of Marketing 

19:10 – Steps for Branding package 

22:32 – Technology Program 

29:02 – Making successful partnerships 

32:40 – Software Connectivity Piece 

36:55 – Finding Gaps to fill 

39:19 – What’s next for Condo-World? 

Connecting with the Guest: 



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