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Bringing The Right People Together with Carlos Perez-Lanzac De Lorca

We sit with Carlos Perez-Lanzac De Lorca, the Founder of Vitur Summit & CEO and Founder of Caleta Homes.

This is a super insightful conversation that dives into the pandemic’s impact both overseas and in the states. The changes that have come from this has brought a lot of attention to the short-term rental market and changed the way we manage our inventory.

Carlos talks about the importance of technology, how creating smart apartments helps us to better understand our customer’s experiences, and how that translates to management services.

His Vitur Summit brings some of the smartest people from around the world together to strategize. Carlos likes to implement “mandatory” conversations between people, companies, and tech that may not organically align but he has a hunch they should. It’s some of these conversations where ideas are born that create real change.

We also talk about the importance of building a brand and who should capitalize on brand loyalty programs in our industry and if they can effectively work as the hotel industry does.

This write-up doesn’t give this conversation its due diligence.

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