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Bridging the VR Industry Tech Stack with featured guests Brady Stump & Dawn Yeskulsky

We are LIVE from the VRMA Executive Summit where we sit down with Brady Stump and Dawn Yeskulsky Senior Leadership with Inhabit IQ!

Everyone in the industry a few years ago remembers the uproar when GSV touched down and they probably have their own theory on why Greater Sum Ventures aggressively marched into “our” space and started acquiring companies and ultimately creating what is now known as Inhabit. 

For those not in the know, Inhabit made serious waves by acquiring 11 companies in just 13 months.

We’re pleasantly surprised with their direction and dive into how they’re creating an ecosystem where property management companies can go to get a full unbiased consultation to point them in a direction for success.

An amazing conversation with two of the best that also touches on their advocacy efforts and where they see Inhabit IQ going in the future.

You don’t want the first official podcast interview out of The VRMA Executive Summit in Palm Beach Florida.

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