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Bridging Borders: A Deep Dive into Canadian Short-Term Rentals and Advocacy

This podcast episode features a returning guest, Catherine Ratcliffe, who has significantly grown since her last appearance, transitioning from a 9-to-5 job to managing four properties and now organizing her own event, CanStays. 

The discussion highlights the differences in short-term rental regulations and operations between Canada and the United States, underscoring the unique challenges and opportunities within the Canadian market. The conversation also touches on the importance of advocacy in the short-term rental industry, strategies for avoiding information overload at conferences, and the potential impact of new regulations on short-term rental owners and operators in Canada. 

Additionally, the episode underscores the technical and operational aspects of running short-term rentals in Canada, including the implications of local healthcare and hospital proximity on short-term rental locations. The dialogue concludes with Catherine sharing her goals for the CanStays conference, aiming to create a pivotal platform for Canadian short-term rental stakeholders, with the potential for the event to become an annual cornerstone for industry networking, education, and advocacy.

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