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Boutique Hotels Reign Supreme with Silvia da Blas of Único Hotels

As a traveler, do you seek out boutique hotels when planning your lodging?

The rise in popularity of boutique hotels is one that continues to grow, not only in the number of travelers who prefer them but also the number of incredible properties travelers can choose from. Today, I am joined by Silvia da Blas of Único Hotels. Único Hotels is a luxury lifestyle hotel collection with 5 properties in Spain, each offering their own unique experience for travelers.

During this episode, Silvia and I have an amazing conversation about Único Hotels and the ways that boutique hotels can stand out. She talks about the Único Hotels property portfolio, what makes each property unique, what travelers can expect when they stay at one of the properties, how they are dedicated to creating unique experiences for guests, why boutique hotels are so popular, ways that the properties have pivoted to appeal to travel trends, and so much more.

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