Calvin is the Chief Experience Officer and Iconicity Enthusiast for ICONIC Presentations, LLC. Calvin specializes in delivering high-energy, customized keynote presentations for organizations that desire to reach or maintain ICONIC status. Calvin focuses on delivering the perfect blend of business concepts, story-telling and music themes to bring home an impactful message that touches both the heads and hearts of his audiences.

Calvin designed a practical and systematic technique called The ICONIC Framework™ to help organizations achieve and maintain iconic status in the eyes of their customers. Calvin is also host of The ICONIC Mindset podcast where he and his co-host John Avola share the secrets behind what it takes to make your business, idea or movement iconic.

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In this episode, we explore:

03:22 – Background of the guest

05:29 – Homewood Suites Creation

09:03 – Lodging Options

13:32 – Becoming an entrepreneur and creating iconic presentations

18:51 – Importance of being authentic

25:04 – Knowledge vs Passion

28:23 – Pragmatic Optimism

34:25 – Being consistent

46:37 – What is inimitability?

Connecting with the Guest:
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