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Architect to Advocate: Pam Holt on Mastering Mid-Term Rentals and Empowering Hosts

Join Myka and Steve on “Live Let Thrive” as they delve into the multifaceted world of real estate with the inspiring Pam Holt. From an architectural student to a savvy lawyer, Pam’s journey into real estate is a masterclass in navigating life’s turns and finding your niche.

Building Foundations: Hear how Pam’s early brush with the darker side of house flipping in Chicago spurred her to become a lawyer, laying down the law in real estate dealings to protect her investments.

Home Sharing with Flair: Discover Pam’s unique approach to hosting, where she opens the doors of her home to guests while trotting the globe, and find out how she’s mastered the art of mid-term rentals due to zoning restrictions.

Portfolio Expansion: Learn about Pam’s foray into expanding her rental repertoire beyond her personal residence, including her family’s vacation rental and her plans to establish STRs internationally.

Catering to Corporates: Pam charges a premium by targeting corporate clients, tailoring her amenities and services to their specific needs. Listen in as she shares the strategy behind a $1500/night pricing, with an emphasis on proximity to conferences and business-friendly amenities.

Navigating Regulations: Dive into Pam’s perspective on Chicago’s stance against short-term rentals and her suspicions that it’s tied to crime reduction efforts.

Community & Councils: Engage in a crucial conversation about representation in city council meetings and the knowledge gap within the African American community, including the lingering effects of redlining.

Identifying Guests: Pam emphasizes the significance of understanding your target avatar in the short-term rental space to maximize appeal and profitability.

Creative Financing: With interest rates on the rise, Myka and Steve explore the benefits of subject to and owner finance strategies, offering insights for investors looking to adapt.

Staging for Success: Pam shares her experience in staging homes, demonstrating that a well-presented property can significantly boost sale prices.

Empowerment Summit: Get excited about Pam’s upcoming all-women virtual summit, the Homeshare Sidehustle Summit, promising wellness, strategies to overcome objections in short-term rentals, and even a pajama party!

🎁 Free Mindset Guide: And don’t miss the chance to grab Pam’s free mindset guide to becoming a short-term rental host, available on her website.

Episode 279 is not just a podcast; it’s a stepping stone to becoming a more informed, empowered, and successful rental host. Tune in and be transformed!

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